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My name is Kate McIntosh, my passion is to deliver information and products that encourage you to think successfully, eat beautifully, and live mindfully. 

Simplifying my day to day routines and habits is the only way I am able to stay sane. I want to be in control of my own space, not have it control me! I chose to live a fast-paced lifestyle, I've excepted it. However, I am over the panicky feeling of being unprepared, late, overextended. In general I'm over things that no longer serve me and I would like to invite you on my journey to keeping it simple-ish.

My business, Kate and Co. was inspired by the French salon, an outcome of The Enlightenment period in the early 18th Century. A "salon" was a gathering place where philosophers, artists, and other intellectuals would meet to converse and share ideas. I would like to create such culture at Kate & Co. Stay tuned for stories, ideas, philosophies and much more.